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Bells Surf Wax Pink Super Sticky


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Bells Pink Super Sticky Surf Wax is the same formula as our original Bells Super Sticky Surf Wax with a slight twist, this wax is pink so it leaves a pink fluro finnish on your surf board as well as a strawberry scent. It is suitable for all water temperatures, it can be used as a top coat paired with Bells Tropical Surf Wax or can be used on its own. Our wax being 120g is 50% bigger than usual surf wax and lasts 3x as long as other brands. Bells Surf Wax is Eco friendly, Australian made and owned


120g Super Sticky Surf Wax Pro

Dimensions: 6.5cm x 8cm x 8 cm


All Water

For best results: Strip your deck, apply Tropical wax as a base coat. Apply softer wax for grip. Top up when needed. (Every 1-2 Surfs) Longer lasting grip for days, if not weeks of surfing. Keep your wax cool to avoid melting. Avoid direct sunlight.