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Stealth S2 Fins in Black Orange


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The S2 has been designed specifically for high performance bodyboarding, and is the benchmark in swimfin design. It is crafted with 100% Malaysian Rubber, and has a soft asymmetrical foot pocket to produce a perfect fit. It also has a straightened blade for improved accelleration and helping to reduce twist to the ankles and knees. This fin has blade rail ridges and angled rails to transfer energy easily and efficiently. It also has a jet vent drainage system to keep the foot pocket free from sand and rocks.

Product Features

  • Straight Angled Blades: Stealth S2 straight angled blades bring together the elements of maximum power in the motion of kicking through the water and the ideal aesthetic for technical style when riding.
  • Stealth Rubber Compound: 100% floating Malaysian rubber team tested durometer tested for best possible performance comfort and durability.
  • Blade Rail Ridges: The 3 blade rail ridges maximizes the transfer of energy from foot pocket to the blade by evenly dispersing the foots kinetic energy resulting in a more powerful and comfortable thrust.
  • Jet Vents: Jet vents prevent the build up of sand and debris in the foot pocket ensuring constant comfort when kicking through the water the flow of water through the vacuum jet vents increases thrust efficiency.
  • Angled Rails: The Stealth angled rails create maximum thrust efficiency and acts as the source of strength and stability throughout the entire fin whilst kicking through the water.
  • Asymmetric Foot Pocket: Ergonomically designed asymmetric foot pockets focused on sustaining the ideal balance of comfort and security through the entire foot pocket during extended periods of time in the all water climates.
  • Ankle Straps: Natural rubber ankle straps to keep the fin comfortably fastened to your foot when in use in all surf conditions.

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