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Powell Peralta SSF Pro Kevin Reimer 72MM 75A Skate Wheels in Green


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The 72mm Kevin Reimer wheel from Powell-Peralta is an all-around DH performer. In 75a, and poured in SSF PRO, this wheel has substantially more traction than our other freeride wheels. This is a downhill race wheel with the skin on, and then can serve you as a fast freeride wheel afterward - Truly the best of both worlds. This is the new version that comes with the black H5 fibre infused core, and a new "inset" lip that will let the wheel grip more, and wear better. We know you'll love them. 

Product Features:

  • Brilliant Surface - More grip when new
  • Sharp edges offer extra flex for grip while carving, or sliding
  • SSF PRO - 30% more grip than SSF 
  • Smooth sliding, but grip oriented shape for carving or racing
  • Suitable for freeride when broken in 
  • 2mm inset with new H5 core, still flippable for even wear 
  • Wheel Core: None
  • Wheel Diameter: 72mm
  • Wheel Width: 57.5mm
  • Wheel Contact Width: 57.5mm
  • Wheel Hardness: 75a
  • Wheel Formula: Soft Slide
  • Wheel Color: Green
  • Wheel Suggested Use: Downhill/Freeride
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth