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Ride C-6 Binding 2024 Mens in Olive Lime


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Product Features

  • Board Compatibility:

    Compatible with all 2x4 and channel system boards.

  • Base Plate: C-Series Performance Chassis

    Pairing an aluminum heel cup and nylon polycomposite baseplate you get the response needed for an aggressive heel-to-toe response from the aluminum and a damp comfortable ride from the baseplate.

  • Highback: Slimeback Urethane

    The Slimeback material absorbs shocks and damp vibrations to help smooth out the ride while still being supportive.

  • Buckles: Linkage Ratchet

    Made to give you a smoother experience, while improving ladder durability.

  • Straps: Two-Piece Ankle Strap + Minimalist Toe Strap

    This strap made of a dual, two-piece material provides the perfect fit on your boot with added comfort and durability without added weight.

  • Cushioning: Wedgie Canted Footbed

    This ultra-light footbed uses subtle angles to realign the knees and ankles for a more natural stance, resulting in less joint stress and fatigue.

  • Sizing

    Medium - Mens US 6.0-10.0

    Large - Mens US 10.5+

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