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Stealth S3 Fins in Blue Sun Gold


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The Stealth S3 is a beefed up version of our original S1 Classic Fin. It is made of 100% Malaysian rubber, with a soft foot pocket and a rigid angled blade for maximum propulsion. The S3 has a blow vent drainage system, epic for quick release of foreign material inside your fin. It also has ridge tread grooves on the sole of the fin to give you a bit more traction for reef hopping and slippery rock jumps.

Product Features

  • Secure Ankle Straps - Natural rubber ankle straps to keep the fin comfortably fastened to your foot when in use in all surf conditions.
  • Ridge Tread - The unique Stealth Ridge Grooves on the base of the foot pocket provide grip and increases traction in slippery situations.
  • Angled Rails - Designed to create maximum thrust efficiency and act as the source of strength and stability throughout the entire fin.
  • Blow Vents - Provides the perfect release of sand and pebble build up
  • Stealth Rubber Compound - 100% floating Malaysian rubber. the perfect blend of the best rubber with durometer set to provide comfort and enhance propulsion.

Condition: New