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Oneill 5x4 HyperFire X Hooded CZ Steamer Womens in Black


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Performance born & built for extremes. HyperFire X is the absolute pinnacle of wetsuit design. A union of O’Neill’s best wetsuit technologies superior materials and cutting edge design that creates the perfect wetsuit. TB4X superstretch upper body gives you incredible freedom of movement and easy in and out of your wetsuit. To keep you warm the Air Fire Wall chest and back panels reduce thermal heat loss with pockets of air to insulate your body. The internal Graphene infused Fire Wall lining keeps you dryer and warmer on the inside and is touch dry in 30 minutes when you hang it up. Seams are double sealed with Fluid Weld Seal on the external of the wetsuit to keep you toasty even in the harshest of winter conditions. All of this with our O’Neill Blue materials utilising recycled oyster shells, car tyres and plastics, solvent-free lamination, dope-dyed yarn, and limestone neoprene, our Hyper Series steamers have taken a giant step towards building a more sustainable future and protecting our oceans. The HyperFire X chest zip model features our most popular FUZE chest zip system. Our chest zip entry systems features an anti flush barrier with drain holes to offer an effective seal to keep the warmth in, whilst also allowing easy entry and exit from the suit. A built-in hood on this Hyper Series steamer will ensure you can stay out there long enough to catch the set of the day.

Product Features

  • TB4X & TB4. Arms/Back/Shoulders constructed from TB4X, the lightest, most flexible, softest wetsuit material ever created. Chest/Legs constructed from TB4, O'Neill's exclusive maximum stretch, hydrophobic neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core for ultimate warmth and comfort.
  • TB4 AIR Firewall  The next great thermal breakthrough made better with trapped pockets of air. TB4 Air Firewall uses a special lamination process paired with a core of aerated neoprene and a graphene fibre jersey to create the toastiest conditions.
  • External Seam Fluid Weld An external barrier to stop cold water entering the suit. The Fluid Weld also increases the durability and longvity of the seam seal while still providing great stretch and freedom during paddling and surfing movements.
  • Hyperfreek Hood Comes with a fixed hood for ultimate warmth and protection from the elements, so you can surf longer.
  • Minimal seam design.
  • Krypto knee padz.
  • Key pocket
  • Recycled plastic
  • Chest Zip entry
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